catto css
A compatible library
Catto-CSS has a syntax compatible with any framework

catto css

Hover (h-)
<a class="h-float"> Hello World! </a>
The animation is activated when the pointer is over the element
Automatic (a-)
<a class="a-blink"> Hello World! </a>
The animation only happens once when the site reloads
Infinity (i-)
<a class="i-bounce"> Hello World! </a>
The animation is repeated an infinite amount of times
Scroll (s-o-)
<a class="s-o-surprise"> Hello World! </a>
The animation is activated with the scroll of the browser
How to use?
catto css
catto css
Scroll animations
New versions
Catto-CSS is updated every month by adding new animations for greater variety.
You can also collaborate in GitHub by creating your own animations by clicking here and following the instructions
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